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Yes! The first class is always free and there are options for coming to either a regularly scheduled class time or a “CrossFit 101” class, which is our Introduction class.

Absolutely. One of the best things about CrossFit is there are ways to “scale,” or adjust the workouts to safely get the most out of them for any type of person. Our oldest CrossFit participant has been 73 years old and our youngest 6 months (if you count airsquats holding a little one).

Right around sixty minutes.

Outside of “Benchmark” workouts that are designed to track progress over time, you should never see the same workout twice. Programming is designed so that there is constant variation of movement, weight, and duration. This means that one day may involve a shorter workout with heavier weights, and the next day, a workout designed for endurance with light weights and more repetitions. There is always a “Warm-Up” that is aimed to get the body going for what is in store that day, followed by the WOD. Saturdays we even throw in some crab-walk races, Tug-of War, and other games that will take you down memory lane to those childhood games (with a CrossFit twist, of course).

The community that CrossFit creates helps to foster motivation, commitment and friendship through working out together. The class setting is one of the cornerstones of CrossFit; however, we do offer Open Gym 3x/wk for those looking to put in some extra work.

With our research and how our programming is structured, we recommend a minimum 4x/wk frequency. This will ensure you are getting a good mix of the programming that will include strength, cardio, gymnastics, mobility and endurance training.

There is an unsupervised kid’s room with a desk, TV and some toys for the little ones to play and stay safe while you sweat.

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