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“I first approached Pullman CrossFit to get myself in better physical shape. The results I’ve seen over the last two years amaze me, and I owe it all to Mike and his CrossFit staff. One thing I like most about Pullman CrossFit is the variety of the workouts and how they can be scaled for everyone.  No matter how tired or busy I may be, I always look forward to working out each day with the coaches and other CrossFit members. I highly recommend Pullman CrossFit to anyone wanting to get in better physical shape and have fun doing it.”

– Dan Hargraves
Member since 2015

“I’ve been going to Pullman CrossFit for just over 6 months. I’ve tried a lot of different fitness regimes and CrossFit has been my favorite by far! My main goal was to gain strength, and I’ve already seen results. The ability to scale any workout to your level is a great way to get into it, the coaches do a great job in motivating, creating a safe environment and teaching movements to newbies. Every workout is different which keeps it fun. I’ve pushed myself in workouts and surprised myself on being able to complete some of them! Every workout is a challenge but so worth at the end of it.
The best part is when you beat your own time and just keep getting better.”

– Mahti Dalilparthi

“It doesn’t matter what your ability level is when you start. It just matters that you keep showing up and working on your goals. When I started last year, I could not squat even the four pound wall ball more than a few times. I was pretty famous for getting stuck at the bottom of my squat, and Mike would have to come pick up whatever it was I was trying to use (plate, fifteen pound bar) so I could get back up. Now I think my one-rep max for front squat is 80 lbs.”

– Deborah O’Connell

“July 2017. I walked into Pullman CrossFit for the first time. Terrified. Desperate. Overweight. But full of fire and determination. I had no idea how to Snatch or Clean, I could barely do a sit-up, couldn’t do a box jump, and had never even touched a Kettlebell. But I never gave up. I allowed myself to be a beginner, and trusted the coaches. With consistency and a lot of willpower I have managed to lose 50 pounds, and have become so much stronger.

By far the best part of this journey has been becoming part of the Pullman CrossFit community. Every milestone, every PR (no matter how small), is always celebrated by everyone.

I do this for myself. I celebrate my accomplishments. But I am forever indebted to the Pullman CrossFit community. None of this would have been possible without each person who has encouraged me, celebrated with me, and pushed me to do more than I ever thought I was capable of. To the coaches, thank you seems so inadequate. I wish I could articulate clearly what you have given me, and how thankful I am for it. 

To anyone considering changing their lifestyle… I promise you can do it. It won’t be easy. You will come up with 1,000 reasons to quit. But don’t. And watch how much your life changes in ways you never dreamed.”

– Jacqui LaCroix

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